Common Indications of Shoddy Concrete Pouring

Concrete is one of the most durable materials out there. However, it can be extremely delicate. This is particularly true during installation and pouring. Concrete is also prone to sun damage and other types of decline even after it has set. Unluckily, these damages can happen more often if the installation was shoddy from the beginning.

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of indications of shoddy concrete pouring. If you want to avoid these issues, make sure you hire a reliable concrete contractor


This is probably the most obvious indication of shoddy concrete workmanship. The main cause of cracking in dried concrete is the structure’s tensile stress. This typically occurs if there’s excessive weight settling on one end of the surface, violent movements, and miscalculations of the material’s strength. Cracks can stay on the surface. However, they can also extend all the way through the membrane.  

To prevent cracks, the contractor needs to use proper materials and correct calculations. A couple of forms of concrete have various resistance to tensile stress. Another crucial thing to consider is the inner support structure.  


This indication of shoddy concrete pouring appears like several voids and air pockets in the concrete. This might appear like rough surfaces on the exterior. However, it can show as risky empty spaces deep inside the concrete. This usually occurs due to the inability of the contractor to properly fill-up the areas with correct materials.  

This type of issue is extremely hard to notice since you can only see it once the concrete has set. The severity of concrete honeycombing is characterized by how deep the voids and air pockets are in the building.  


This issue refers to the pieces of concrete that separate from other layers to a huge degree. However, these pieces still stay in the bigger part of the building. While the piece might appear stable and solid, it is not. You can recognize delaminated areas by gently tapping the surface. An echoey and hollow thump will show that there’s a space behind the concrete. This means it has separated already. 

This problem happens if the interior of the concrete is damaged. For instance, there’s a buckling of supports embedded inside or deep cracks inside the building. Aside from that, it also occurs if the contractor overlays a new concrete layer on top of old, dilapidated concrete.  


This type of issue refers to excessive water and moisture seeping into the poured concrete’s surface. During this process, the heavier deposits will settle to the bottom. Because of this, water is forced upwards. This will appear like puddles or thin slicks of water.  

While a couple of amounts of bleeding is unavoidable during settling, too much water affects the concrete’s durability. This is particularly true if the concrete is used for the support or foundation columns. Excessive bleeding is an indication that too much water has seeped into the cement. Aside from that, excessive bleeding can lead to a lot of various issues after the concrete has been set.  

Cleaning Activities for Your Concrete Spaces and Backyard

Living in a country with four different seasons could be a fun thing since you can experience nice weather. Others would not be happy to have it, because it would mean that they need to clean even deeper. Different seasons could give you different trouble as well. You have to repair some unique problems as well which can make things more tiring as you have to hire professional people to help you and assure that everything will be fine.  

It is right to hire the right person to fix it. For example, a Grapevine concrete contractor who could make things better for your driveway and the concrete part of the houses such as the patio and balcony? There are times that you don’t want to work anymore since it is very tiring. But you need to keep in your mind that you need to enjoy it. Of course, if you are planning to do it your own, then you can think about preparing your tools. In this manner, you would be able to get the tools easily. You can also consider the fact that you would make yourself safe and free from any accidents.  

If you are thinking right now about the things that you can do. Then we have here all the ideas that you want to know and try to make them possible in your own area or property.  

Thinking about the autumn season, this will give you a lot of ideas that the trees will have yellow leaves and most of them are falling from their trees. It is annoying that you have to clean and get rid of it almost every single time and day. Of course, you have to check the lawn as you don’t want to have taller grass around your areas or else it will be horrible for you to walk there. You can make a good idea about those organic items and stuff that you have collected. You may make a compost hole or pit. You can throw those leaves and twigs or trimmed grass to that place.  

If you have a garden, then it is the best time for you to take care of the smaller plants or your flowering plants. You can add some fertilizer to the plants so that they would grow well and be able to absorb the natural minerals from the soil.  

Now that you have the time to check and inspect the driveways at home. Of course, you should include the house patio and the walkways you have installed there. We all know that most of the people would want to invest for something that is really good in materials. If you have noticed some problems like cracks and lines on the surface, then you need to find a way to mend it. The same thing that you need to do in case you are using a wooden material for the balcony or patio. This will be a good way to control the problems and avoid those problems.